A reminder for WLTA members that MCLE reporting for the current period for LPOs and attorneys has been extended until December 31, 2021 (for earning credits) and February 1, 2022 (for reporting then). See the link below:

WSBA MCLE Information

Information about WSBA approved webinars is available through this link as well.

WSBA is offering a couple of options for free CLE that are available to all licensees:

WSBA Legal Lunchbox. Free 1.5 hours every month. Most months live listening only (hard for LPOs). August and December have on-demand listening. Please find that information here:


Examiners Manual

Examiners Manual

Please note that the manual is for current members and is password protected. Contact the Executive Director at execdirector@washingtonlandtitle.com for access.


This manual, taken as a whole, and its individual chapters are designed to provide information about various topics relating to title to real property in Washington State that would be of interest to individual employees of members of the Washington Land Title Association (WLTA). Those employees may be examiners, title officers, advisory title officers or underwriters and title counsel.

The information is presumed to be helpful in the day-to-day process of examining titles to real property for the ultimate purpose of insuring titles by a title insurance company. However, the manual is neither a textbook nor an instruction manual, nor is it an absolute guide of title practices. Each member title insurer or title company shall determine its specific guidelines or rules of title practice for its employees. In addition, any specific rule adopted by any one company is not necessarily the same that would be adopted by another company in the same or similar circumstances.

No manual can anticipate every problem or issue that might present itself to an examiner of titles, nor provide absolute rules for dealing with the problems and issues faced by examiners, whether or not mentioned in this manual. Notwithstanding any implication to the contrary in any chapter, member companies may decide on a different approach to a title issue than what is offered in the manual.

The manual is for the use of WLTA members, and shall not be reproduced without permission, nor distributed to customers or non-members.

ALTA Resources for Fraud Issues and Prevention:

ALTA Information Security Page: CLICK HERE

 ALTA Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents: CLICK HERE

 ALTA Rapid Response Plan for Wire Fraud Incidents Tracking Worksheet: CLICK HERE

 Wire Fraud Infographic (Rack Card) for Consumers: CLICK HERE

ALTA Indian Lands Webinar & PowerPoint:

(1) Title Insurance & Native American Lands – ALTA Webinar: CLICK HERE

(2) Final NALC Webinar (April 17 2019)



WUCIOA Documents (additional documents to come):

WUCIOA Map & Survey Guidelines REV 6-11-2021

WUCIOA Condo Checklist REV 11-22-2019 PDF VERSION

WUCIOA Condo Checklist REV 11-22-2019 WORD VERSION

WUCIOA Plat Checklist REV 6-15-2021 PDF VERSION

WUCIOA Plat Checklist REV 6-15-2021 WORD VERSION

WUCIOA Misc Community Checklist 6-15-2021 PDF VERSION

WUCIOA Misc Community Checklist 6-15-2021 WORD VERSION

Waterfront Titles Booklet:

Waterfront Titles in WA Booklet 2015 (NEWEST – Replaces 2008 & all earlier versions)

Rights-of-Way on Indian Land; Final Rule, 25 CFR Part 169:

Part 169 ROW – Final Rule

Reconveyance Forms for Escrow:

Request for Reconveyance by Escrow Agent

Declaration of Payment of Deed of Trust

WLTA Education Seminar Materials:

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2022 Seminar Materials

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